First Walk Of The Year

Sunday 6th January, 2019

Greenock Cut

This was my first longer walk of the year, just under eight miles.  It is one I’ve done many of times but this time I was part of a larger group, and guided by Rangers from Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park.  It is a circular walk following the route of the Greenock Cut - an aqueduct which now has designated Ancient Monument status.  

During Spring, this walk is scented with the sweet coconut smell of gorse, which is found in high quantities throughout this landscape.  Today, it was only the damp earth and occasional hint of fox.  There was also a thick fog which remained lingering over the hills, and prevented what are usually excellent views over the Clyde. 

Normally, with such weather conditions, I would be out shooting photos for my personal projects.  However this was an enjoyable walk, and, it actually turned out to be a productive day with my camera.  Hope you enjoy. 

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